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About Illuminating Success

Deep inside you have a desire for more. You want to feel a sense of joy and satisfaction but you’re busy pleasing everyone else and being pulled in every direction. 


Do you wonder, “when is it my turn”? 


You’re grateful for what you have… but wonder why you’re still feeling empty and unfulfilled. You feel a tug-of-war within you because you want to do more for yourself, but you feel guilty for taking time for yourself.


You love your family you’d do anything for them but if you burn out there is nothing left for anyone else. 


Are you ready to stop hiding your light and illuminate your own success? 


The Illuminating Success Program is for women who are on the edge of burnout and are ready to take back control of their life.


I have delivered this program countless times and I have seen clients make amazing changes in their lives that they didn't think were possible.

The Illuminating Success Program has been designed so that it is engaging and broken down into manageable chunks. You will walk away with the tool belt that will equip you for any situation. What that ultimately means is you'll experience a renewed feeling of clarity, control, and fulfilment

The Illuminating Success Program

Illuminating Success is an 8-week program that focuses on reconnecting you with yourself. 


We will explore the following:

  • Your missing piece

  • Tools and skills to help you cope with stress

  • Communication

  • Finding balance

  • Mindset

  • Emotions

  • Mindfulness

  • Self-Love

Together, we'll set goals for you to work through to achieve the outcome you desire and deserve for yourself.

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3 Hour Breakthrough Session

The 3 Hour Breakthrough session is a deep dive into the Illuminating Success Program.  During our 3 hours together we get to the heart of what you want to achieve and break through and clear any blocks that may be holding you back.


While it is an intense 3 hours, you will come away feeling lighter, and more motivated.  You'll always experience more clarity on what you want going forward.  With that clarity, you'll have set yourself clear goals to work on to achieve the outcome you desire.



When booking a time for this session please ensure that you will have 3 hours of uninterrupted time available.

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